Summer School Enduro Clinic | Loose Screw | Kamloops August 9

Summer School Enduro Clinic | Loose Screw | Kamloops August 9


Prep yourself for the Loose Screw! This clinic focuses on riders who want to develop their off-road riding skills in a supportive and fun environment. This clinic is appropriate for all bike sizes and all skill levels. Learn on Friday and be ready for the weekend.

Attend Clinic

Come visit the Traction eRag World Headquarters, nestled in the hills overlooking Pinantan Lake just east of Kamloops. Enjoy a full-day of dodging cattle and munching on cow patties while preparing for the Loose Screw Dual Sport ride.

Clinics are full-day skill development opportunities. The foundation of our curriculum is based on fundamental trials techniques which translate to any sized bike. Our course is suited for novice and intermediate riders. We are offering a enduro specific course and a big bike course running in parallel at our riding facility. Our curriculum focuses on progressive learning, linking one concept to the next, throughout the day.

ENDURO (sub 400cc recommended)

The enduro course includes bike setup, static balance, body positioning, weight/deweight and wheelies. The curriculum will escalate into advanced techniques such as log punching and pivot turns. This is a perfect way to hone your skills for the Loose Screw.

BIG BIKES (400cc plus recommended)

Large bikes are intimidating beasts but our trials fundamentals directly translate into off-road confidence. Static balance, counterbalancing, obstacle negotiation, and momentum management are just a few of the things that will will explore. If you want to develop increased confidence with off-road terrain, proper technique will allow you to achieve your full riding potential.

Delicious lunch included, veggie options available.

Experience a supportive learning environment packed with knowledge, good people and fun, fun, fun!