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Outlaw Run - bring your own bike PACKING LIST

You will be riding over 600km in 5 days. You will on the bikes between 6-8 hours per day. Is your body ready for this? It’s best to start preparing so you can make the most of your time riding.

Use this trip as motivation to get fit!


  • Base layers 3 pairs (create a hand-wash/hang-dry rotation)

  • MX socks 3 pairs (create a hand-wash/hang-dry rotation)

  • Motocross boots

  • Knee braces or knee guards

  • Riding pants and jersey(s)

  • Enduro shell jacket (expect rain)

  • Gloves (2 pair, expect rain)

  • MX Helmet & goggles (plus spare goggles)

  • Hydration pack/backpack

  • Body armour

  • Hearing protection

  • Sunscreen

  • Camera

  • Small personal first aid kit

  • Toilet paper/wipes in backpack

  • Money, both Canadian currency and plastic.

Bike Check (before you leave):

  • Gas Can

  • Headlight, tail light working?

  • Left hand collapsible mirror

  • Brakes front and rear – healthy pads?

  • Front sprocket – Is it worn (hooked teeth)? If so you should replace it.

  • Rear sprocket - Is it worn (hooked teeth)? If so you should replace it.

  • You need a good or new chain. Check the master link to see if it is worn.

  • Tires – both front and rear tires should be new or nearly new.

  • Heavy-duty tubes for both front and rear.

  • Head bearings – do they have play?

  • Swing arm bearings – is there play?

  • Wheel bearings – is there play?

  • Fork seals – check for leakage

Spares Needed:

  • Oil, Oil Filters, 2-Stroke Oil

  • Extra Air filter, filter skins (highly recommended)

  • Air filter cleaner & oil, ziplock bag, rubber gloves?

  • Sparkplug

  • Heavy Duty Tubes

  • Fr/Rear Brake pads

  • Spare Shift lever, Brake/clutch lever

  • On-bike tool kits:

Be self-sufficient! We will often be in remote areas with no support. You should have the tools to repair a flat tire and de-water your bike. De-watering means accessing/replacing your spark plug and the float bowl drain plug of your carb (if carbureted).

  • Bike specific tools (plus axle wrench for front and rear)

  • Tire repair tools (levers, valve core remover)

  • Tube repair kit and/or 21” front tube

  • Small air pump or CO2 bottles

  • Master link

  • Safety wire, zip ties, duct tape

  • JB Weld/Quicksteel

  • Small headlamp

  • Oil for 2-stroke bike