The View From Here

The View From Here

10 years goes by in a blink. This lousy rag has been bumbling along during that 10 years and, to everyone’s dismay, we’re just getting started.

Only 10 years ago the Traction eRag began as a harmless club newsletter. ** MENTION BMA BY NAME/LOCATION?** It spread like mold spores in your unopened gear bag. Riders seemed to enjoy our honest and humorous take on off-road riding, clearly weary of reading the soulless and formulaic dirt bike publications that only seemed to exist so they could garnish advertising revenues while shilling products.


We’ve come a hell of a long way in a decade, but I’d like to think that we are proudly churning out irreverent and inappropriate content with exactly the same attitude as when we started – You can’t shine shit, but you can add glitter.

We are extremely proud of our roots, check out our back issues. Our ascent from the primordial mud is evident and we would like to thank every person who gave their time to make that happen.


Social media has dramatically changed the landscape which has led to hoards of riders unknowingly being used to fuel the industry demands for , in hopes of being blessed with some free branded trinkets, a pat on the head, or the envy of your peers, keep sucking ass. Or even better – grab a handful of self-respect.


Loose Screw.

This entire eRag mess is Dallas’s fault. Ten years ago he awoke in a pool of his own sweat with a dangerous revelation: the vast majority of dirtbike owners are not hard core racers. The eRag represents the everyday hero – gut laughing with friends on the trail while experiencing great adventure and uncertainty in their own backyard. Not everyone takes off-road motorcycles seriously, in fact, everyone we know rides for fun!